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Why is it better to sell your house through us?


When it comes to the best way to sell a home or sell land there are four typical options:

Selling your home privately
Selling with a local estate agent
Using a property auction to sell your home
A quick house sale with a company like The Fastest Property Sale

A private house sale takes a great deal of time and effort and usually the buyer is not in a position to move quickly. This can become very frustrating. Auctions don’t usually give you a good price and it’s usually people trying to get bargain basement prices.  Research has shown that over 50% of people selling their property want a quick house sale to receive cash quickly. The reasons why vary but the underlying factor is many buyers want or need the cash quickly to go onto other things. Whether it’s a divorce, facing bankruptcy, repossession or moving on, we at the Fastest Property Sale understand.

So why choose us above others? Apart from being friendly and easy to get on with, we provide a quick house sale whatever the condition of your property. You receive the cash quickly! We are straight forward and offer a reliable, fast, efficient and professional service.
Selling your house? Here’s why you should choose us


Selling through an estate agent can take up to ten months! And that’s if it goes through. Research shows that over 30% of sales break down. With the Fastest property sale we complete typically within 4 weeks! And our offer is guaranteed. Once the survey is completed and you receive our offer, that’s the agreed price. You can then make your plans knowing you have a guaranteed property sale.

So let’s go through a typical sale. Let’s assume a property has been put on the market by an estate agent for £100,000. Firstly estate agents always put the value higher to try and get a better commission deal for themselves. Hence the reason as to why you get offers less than the advertised price.

Now take into consideration the following.  You will have ongoing bills while you are selling your property:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Broadband
  • Phone
  • Council Tax
  • Mortgage payments
  • Insurance

Typically you are looking at 6-9months of these costs.

Then there may be some other costs:
Maintenance or repairs

And when you sell there are the standard costs:
Estate Agent Fees
Legal Fees

In a typical sale on £100,000 after the offer you receive and all the ongoing and selling costs, you are looking at a net figure of around £80,000. But here’s the problem. It’s taken you over 6 months to receive this. Buying through the fastest property sale, it’s achieved in a few weeks! Think of the savings you’ve made not paying all the costs and you receive your cash within weeks, not months. That’s why we are different and that’s why you should call us today about selling your property FAST!


How does The Fastest Property Sale compare to other local Estate Agents?


  Selling to TFS (7 days) Sell to Local Estate Agent (6 months)
Market price £100,000 £100,000
Average agreed purchase price £75,000 £95,000 (Most buyers offer £5,000 – £10,000 below the asking price)
Final agreed price after survey £75,000 £90,000 (Buyers tend to use repairs required in the surveyors report as a negotiation too to drop the asking price)
Estate Agent fees £0,00 1.8% £2040 + VAT
Maintenance or Repairs £0,00 £750
Legal fees £0,00 £1,000
Council tax and other bills (while sales is going through) £400 £1,800
Mortgage payments(while sale is going through) £0,00 £3,500
Net price achieved £74,600 £80,910 (in 6 months)

How you benefit from a quick house sale

  Fastest House Buyer Estate Agents
Sale period 7-28 days 6-9 months! Far too long
Guaranteed Yes No. On average, over 35% of sales fall through (national statistics)
Repairs needed for house to sell None Possible. E.g Damp, roof, boiler (Agents usually ask for repairs)
Privacy One Viewing For sale Board outside. Endless viewings

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